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    We are pleased to announce the folllowing information,

    It has been decided with great pleasure, that @Motionl3ss is our new Owner! From this point forward he may or may not become an owner.

    @Motionl3ss does have a YouTube channel with over 2,000 subscribers. He will be live streaming our server release, and in general just playing on our network. @Motionl3ss is a great person to work with and we are truly happy to give him his rank. Both myself and @Minekid_ have gotten the oppertunity to speak with @Motionl3ss, and it was a pleasure for us both. We a great future for @Motionl3ss's channel and for our network. He is gaining fast and streams often. We believe with his help, we can make this server successful. We plan in the next one-two months to give @Motionl3ss Owner, if all goes according to plan!

    If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to leave a comment below. Once again, we are pleased to announce that @Motionl3ss is our brand new Owner!
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    I'm super excited to begin working with you guys! Thanks for this amazing oppertunity, it's been awesome so far.
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