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    Spamming - Spamming Will Apply if Someone is constantly doing it and it will lead from warnings to tempmutes and if it gets bad then we will have to perma-mute you

    Warn Leaking Personal Information - If You Decide To Threaten a Staff Member or Player Of Leaking Personal Information Such As Phone Numbers, Address, IRL Name, ext.You Will Be Perma-Muted

    Racism = If You Decide To Be Racist Or Toxic in Chat it Will Lead From TempMutes, To Perma-Mute, and Possibly Even a TempBan or PermBan

    Staff Impersonation - If You Try To Impersonate a Staff Member This Would Lead To A PermBan

    Advertisment = If You Decide To Advertise On Lethal Then We Will TempBan You and Will Go Higher as it goes

    Hacking - As Follows If You Decide To Use Unfair Advantages Against Players (Such as KillAura, Jesus , Anti-KnockBack, and ext.) It Would Result To A PermBan

    Glitch abuse/exploiting - if you decide to item duplicating, glitch abusing like making your self invisible(some how) or pearl glitching through walls and things like that.

    Ban evading - If You Get PermBanned or TempBan and you decide on getting on an alternative account while your main account is banned. Then this Would result into a IPBan
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.