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    What is your age? (Please be honest, must be 13+): 14

    What is your IGN? Model90Games

    What is your Timezone? GMT

    Do you have a microphone? Yes

    What is your Skype? Model90Games

    What is your Discord? Model90Games

    What languages can you speak?
    A Basic German, English and a little Spanish

    Why would you like to become staff on the LethalPvP Network? Because I couldn't pay for my own server as I coukd only pay once every 2 months

    Do you have any past experiences being staff on any other network? I owned my own server ArticPvP for 4 months and was given mod on the LavineMC and is currently Admin on iTzAxzl's server RyzeHCF

    Have you ever been punished (Muted/Banned) on LethalPvP?

    Anything else you would like to say about yourself?
    Hi my name is lukas but you can either call me Model90Games or Model (For Short)
    I have great leadership skills as I did a whole course on becoming a leader which lead me to be captain for my Cricket and Football team!
    I am really friendly which means I would be really helpful towards players asking for help!

    I hope you accept my (new) staff application and I hope to speak to you soon

    Model (Model90Games)
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