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  1. iTzAxzl
    iTzAxzl Ncy
    or Send me a msg on discord Axel#6773
  2. iTzAxzl
    iTzAxzl Ncy
    Can You Join On The Server So I Could Give You Ur Rank
  3. Ncy
  4. Model90Games
    Model90Games Minekid_
    I think I'm free on the 20th, if I'm not sure but most likely I will be on
    1. Minekid_
      Jan 18, 2018
  5. Minekid_
    Minekid_ iTzAxzl
    u got helper on forums now
  6. iTzAxzl
    A Proud Helper on Lethal!
  7. kinderpuppy
    hi im no life 14 year old that just wants a actually good server that u don't have to blow 50$ to get knowticed
  8. Ssqquuiidd
  9. Ssqquuiidd
    There are no messages on Ssqquuiidd's profile yet.
  10. Dylan
    Proud admin of LethalPvP
  11. Hz_
    1. Minekid_
      Dec 20, 2017
  12. BackSurgery
  13. Minekid_
  14. XcapYT
  15. Dylan
    Demoted for no reason.
  16. Lightning Boy
  17. SkillBoughtThis
    SkillBoughtThis Minekid_
    Hi dude can you set up those perms I could really use them thanks
  18. Minekid_
    1. SkillBoughtThis
      hi, btw i cant build in spawn, I think you forgot to give me perms to build there. If you can fix that that will be great ty
      Dec 3, 2017
  19. SkillBoughtThis
    Quality Over Quantity
  20. SkillBoughtThis
    SkillBoughtThis UltraColor
    Sup dude servers down any idea why?
    1. UltraColor
      Undergoing maintenance. Should be up within the next day or so, sorry for any inconveniences!
      Nov 26, 2017