* New Update*

LethalPvp will no longer be merging with AresPvp.
We will be re-starting work on the practice and factions
We are now accepting staff applications again.

More updates coming soon.
** If you are going to play on the kitpvp server please join on 1.8 **

Kitpvp has a leveling system unlocking kits as you reach new levels. Every kill will give you xp used to level up and coins that you can use to purchase items form the shop by using /shop. There also are kill streak reward you receive after reaching them. Tournaments have also have been added and will be hosted by Motionless
when he live streams on Lethalpvp.
We are currently are working on a Factions and Practice server we will
be announcing the release date for Factions soon.

Errors are fixed, server is now open.
Its time to vote for the new the new game mode. The poll would be open for 1 week.
Got any suggestions for new gamemodes we should add to Lethalpvp. If you have any ideas please feel free share it with us and we will set up a poll with the most popular submissions on January 5th.
LethalPvP Network Release

It comes with great pleasure to announce our network's release date! Our entire time have been striving towards the goal of releasing LethalPvP before December. We have officially reached our goal. We now are releasing LethalPvP on December 15th, Friday 2017! We are extremely excited about our networks release, as we have been working on LethalPvP for many months. Lots of hard work, and dedication had gone into making this happen! I'd like to thank @Minekid_, for always supporting me. Whenever I thought something was too much, he helped me to find a way to do it. He is extremely supportive in everything I do, and has a enormous job here on LethalPvP! I wouldn't ask for anyone else to work with. Secondly, I would like to thank @Motionl3ss for bringing the big player-base. With his 2,100+ subscribers, he will be bringing us a player-base we could not achieve alone. He is a great friend and I love working with him and @Minekid_! Huge thanks to all the other people who helped make this network a reality, and we hope to see you on LethalPvP soon!

We are pleased to announce the folllowing information,

It has been decided with great pleasure, that @Motionl3ss is our new Owner! From this point forward he may or may not become an owner.

@Motionl3ss does have a YouTube channel with over 2,000 subscribers. He will be live streaming our server release, and in general just playing on our network. @Motionl3ss is a great person to work with and we are truly happy to give him his rank. Both myself and @Minekid_ have gotten the oppertunity to speak with @Motionl3ss, and it was a pleasure for us both. We a great future for @Motionl3ss's channel and for our network. He is gaining fast and streams often. We believe with his help, we can make this server successful. We plan in the next one-two months to give @Motionl3ss Owner, if all goes according to plan!

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to leave a comment below. Once again, we are pleased to announce that @Motionl3ss is our brand new Owner!
Welcome to the Official LethalPvP Forums,

Our network is created by @Minekid_. We strive towards creating a server experience that is enjoyable for all players. We are currently a KitPvP server, but plan to add in more gamemodes to choose from in the near future. We have big plans for LethalPvP!

We absolutely love feedback, that's a main reason we have the forums. You guys can let us know how you enjoy the server, what could make it better, and pretty much anything you could want us to add / change. This is your chance to vote. Whilst our server may be busy, we may not always see your message. Fortunately, we are constantly looking at the forums to read what you guys have to say.

[ Applications are now open ]
We currently do need Staff, YouTubers, and Builders. You can apply for each rank via the application section. Staff applications, YouTuber applications, and Builder applications are all currently open! If you are denied, please do not let it deter you from applying in the future. Rather let it motivate you to work harder, and what to correct in order to become the rank you desire!

If you feel that you love LethalPvP, and are interested in purchasing a rank or cosmetics of any sort feel free to visit our store!

We hope you enjoy your stay at LethalPvP, @Minekid_!

[ Note ]: All text highlighted in red, you are able to click and it will redirect you to a player profile or a page.